QuestionsDoes rice have gluten?
Alan Albarran Staff asked 2 years ago



2 Answers
Gluten Genie Staff answered 2 years ago

For a comprehensive break down on rice gluten, please check out this article and watch the video below:

barbarasheehan answered 1 year ago
I was trying to clear anything out of my system that was gluten and other possible irritants so I ate only rice for three days and had to quit. I discovered I felt worse eating the rice. After reading the info that Dr. Osborne has provided above, now it makes sense why I felt so lousy and why I have not been able to feel as good as when I first went gluten free. I was flooding my system with a grain that had a form of gluten in it that my body just couldn’t handle. I now know to stay away from all of the items listed by the Doc as having some form of gluten in them. Hopefully this will clear my symptoms up. Thanks for the info Dr. Osborne.