QuestionsCategory: QuestionsAre oats gluten free?
Gluten Genie Staff asked 2 years ago
I am on a gluten free diet, and have read some conflicting information about oats being gluten free. Can you clarify this please? Are oats gluten free? Are oats safe for someone with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease?

2 Answers
Gluten Genie Staff answered 2 years ago
Oats contain a form of gluten called Avenin. Although avenin from oats is not the same type of gluten found in wheat, barley, and rye, some research studies show that those with gluten sensitivity do actually react to oats in a negative way. You can also read a more comprehensive review on this question written by Dr. Osborne right here.
You can view some of those research studies below:

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ursulastouffer answered 11 months ago
I have been on a gluten free diet for nearly 16 years now. I find that I react nearly as badly to oats (even certified gf ones) as to the official gluten grains. And the same goes for quinoa, it causes spasms in my esophagus, and makes me sick.