Physician Education Series on Gluten Sensitivity

Come Join us February 4th, 2012 for “The Gluten Sensitivity Spectrum” Tier 1 Certification with Peter Osborne as expert speaker. Dr. Osborne has been featured on Fox News regarding Gluten and is responsible for the website Seats are limited….the seminar is filling up fast….

Dr. Osborne has been researching gluten for over 10 years and here are some of the topics he will be discussing:

Contrary to popular belief, celiac disease and gluten sensitivity are not the same condition. The spectrum of diseases associated with gluten sensitivity is vast. Celiac is only one of the diseases caused by gluten. To date, there have been approximately 190 different medical conditions linked to gluten sensitivity. Most of these conditions affect tissues outside of the GI tract. Gluten has been shown to contribute to or cause the following:

Musculoskeletal conditions – muscle pain and wasting, joint pain, osteoporosis, myopathy…

Neurological Diseases – depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADD, epilepsy, neuropathy…

Autoimmune Diseases – RA, lupus, hepatitis, Addison’s, type 1 diabetes, celiac…

Skin Diseases – Psoriasis, eczema, scleroderma, seborrhea, dermatitis herpetiformis…

Gastrointestinal DiseasesIBS, GERD, intestinal migraines…

What you will learn by attending:

This lecture is designed to give physicians the necessary tools and clinical pearls to recognize the many faces of gluten sensitivity. You will learn how to identify lab flaws and pitfalls, proper diagnosis, as well as how to increase your patient compliance to a gluten free diet. You will learn the difference between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity and the difference between a traditional gluten free diet vs. a TRUE gluten free diet.

There is a Shortage of Doctors with Knowledge on the topic of Gluten Sensitivity:

Gluten Free Society has been bombarded with phone calls and emails from patients and physicians across the country. People want to know what doctor they can see to get a proper diagnosis. That is why we are offering the certification – to make sure that the doctors we recommend have met a minimum educational requirement on the topic.


Houston, TX at the Hornberger Conference Center

The seminar will be from 9-11:30, but you are encouraged to stay until 5:oo pm for the general session as well.

Certification Awarded:

After completion of this course, all physicians will be Tier 1 certified by Gluten Free Society and listed as an expert in our online healthcare provider and physician database. Gluten Free Society is an online resource for doctors and patients seeking help in the area of gluten related diseases. The site has more than 60,000 visitors monthly.

Seminar Registration:

Cost: $200

Early bird registration: $150 if signed up before January 1st 2012

6 thoughts on “Health Care Provider Gluten Free Certification Class

  1. John R says:

    Is there any way this could be an online training? My daughter is going to school for dietetics and this would be an excellent addition to her learning. However, the cost of flying/staying in Houston is cost prohibitive for a student.

  2. LK says:

    Is this open to all health care providers or doctors only? I am an acupuncturist and health coach and would be interested. Thank you

    • says:

      This is open to all health care providers. The seats are first come first serve. We have 52 spots left open.
      All the best,
      Dr. O

  3. Janice Harat says:

    Thank you once again for your amazing work. I am a Nutrition Consultant and Educator and Whole Foods Chef in Ca. Speciaizing in autoimmune disorders, specifically Lupus. I have Lupus myself as well so have been my own little guinea pig over the last 40 years. I have tried pretty much all of the lifestyle diet programs leaning more towards gluten free, infammation and embracing ‘good as our medicine’. I aso had to work through 3 times of cervical cancer with these principles/accupunture/chinces herbs and methods, vipassana meditation. I am free and clear still at 59. I move out to Ca. from Maine with Ram Dass, Steven Levine, Dale Borglum and others to start up The Haunamman Foundation Death & Dying Foundation in 1978. We are still are plugging along on the path somewhere in the world doing our best. I introduced my Holistic Protocol for the Management of Lupus to the Stanford Lupus Reseach Center a good 15 years ago and they finally are introducing it to the National Lupus Conference as of this year. Yay! Went over there this month to check up on them, and they have been very carefully been using it. Especially the Gastroenterolosgists. I use it more for the inflammatory effects. Hey, whatever it takes, yeah?! I have been following this diet myself for most of 20 years. I am also writing a nutrition/cookbook which will pretty much be bases on this type of diet although it won’t be put out as a gluten free diet cookbook. It will be put out as one for Inflammation and chronic illness issues of which the gluten diet ‘will’ help immensely. I have traveled around the world extensevily, come from Maine and have a deep background in the true nature of foraging for herbs and foods in many areas of the world, learned to cook everywhere and am able to bring my wide range of experience of cuisines, colors, beauty of food, culinary and medicinal knowledge of foods to this project. I have been had to take a few steps back here and there because of my own health challenges and lack of funds to get to some of these seminars that I know would enrich my own personal arsonage of knowledge but even more so, give me even more to teach and educate others. None of us need to live in an unhealthy world or body in this life. For myself, I need continued help to further my work along to finish this book I am doing. It’s my dream at the end of my tunnel right now, and I can see it, I get a litte a litte closer to it everyday, even if it’s just a dream, but I shall never give up on my dream. The Gluten Free Diet has been my own ‘personal freedom party’ to turn my body/mind/spririt around to knowing that my future is even more so in the education field to help others. So, instead of having my ‘own personal pity party’ as to when am I going to get well, I now will only have ‘personal freedom parties’. The one thing I need to ask of you is to see if there is any possibility of a scholarship program to help me do this workshop with you in Houston. I can probably get help in getting myself there from Santa Cruz, Ca. but cannot pay for the workshop itself or a place to stay. I can bring a foam mattrass though to lay my body down at the end of the day. As I said before, I am a chef, and can offer myself as a workstudy type person in the kitchen the day before if there is a need for that. My lupus keeps me from standing for long periods of time all day long or lifting those 50 sacks of grains I used to so effortly do in the past. Don’t worry though, I am still a mole who thinks she can move mountains, so I just crash right on by the obstacles usually. I am not a public speaker though, get asked often, but am terrified of it. So, I put myself out there as a food prep/cooking teacher as long as it is a participatory class where everybody is working and I can move about talking and teaching with handouts and we sit down after and have a wonderful meal and Q&A period while eating and smiling. So, please consider me in any of the areas I have put out there for you to consider. And if there was anybody going there and would want to carpool that would be fantastic as well. Thank you. Blessings, love and sprinklings of lavender dust upon your heads today to make you relaxed in whatever you are doing. Janice Hart

  4. Becky Rider says:

    Hi Dr. O,

    Is there a way I could access the info online? I am willing to pay for access, and I don’t need the certification since I’m not a health care provider; I just want the best, most accurate and up-to-date information so I can be sure I’m not steering anyone wrong who might read my website.

    Let me know what you think.

    Happy holidays to you, your staff, and your family.


  5. Angela Mihaylov says:

    Dr. Osborne

    I just signed up for Dr Tom O’bryan’s certified gluten practitioner program, I plan to do Dr Charles Parker’s core psych coach program, Certified natural healthcare professional, and a local ND program. I have been the misdiagnosed and poorly treated patient for years. The lack of my physicians knowledge ended up costing me my 18 year career in the medical field by a workers comp injury. I am on a paleo diet and can support your teaching. I am impressed with the quality of your information and formats. Hoping to meet you in person some day. Thank you for your work. looking forward to going from patient to practitioner!

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