Glutenology and Gluten Free Society collects personal triumphs from around the world from those who have had success going gluten free. Below are their stories, comments, encouragements, and experiences. Take from them the strength you need to pursue your health dreams. If you have a story to share, please submit it to us so that we can keep paying it forward!

Actual Patient Testimonials from Dr. Osborne on a True Gluten Free Diet…

Migraine headaches, stomach upset, sleeping trouble and blurry vision resolved on a gluten free diet…

Thyroid disease, skin rash, and need for medications were eradicated by True Gluten Free diet…

Uveitis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Asthma and more resolved on a TRUE gluten free diet…

This woman was so sick she could not even work. Pituitary dysfunction, severe fatigue, arthritis, and thyroid disease dramatically improved…

Blood sugar, acid reflux both normalized and this woman stopped needing to take diabetic and reflux medications. The big bonus was 50 pounds of weight loss…

Severe fatigue, digestive problems, and reflux gone on a TRUE gluten free diet. Weight loss and being able to discontinue medications was another benefit of the man’s diet change…

Her last hope, Dana was suffering from allergies and severe fatigue and asthma. She no longer needs antibiotics and steroids in her staple diet…

Multiple doctors, medications, and health frustrations, this woman found that gluten sensitivity was at the core of her illness…

IBS, fatigue, and joint pain resolved with a TRUE gluten free diet…

Irritable bowel syndrome, incontinence, and severe fatigue issues resolved with a gluten free diet…

Chronic depression resolved on a TRUE gluten free diet…

Bipolar disease symptoms dramatically reduced along with less need for medications…

Weight loss, joint pain, back pain, chronic vertigo, headache, depression, and multiple medications…This woman was able to resolve it all with simple supplementation and diet changes…

Fatigue, hypothyroid disease, and mysterious skin rashes healed with a gluten free diet…

A gluten free diet with nutritional correction helps this young woman hear her depression…

Chronic bladder pain resolved even after surgical procedure failed on a TRUE gluten free diet…

“Phantom” Heart Attacks, dizziness, fatigue resolved completely on a TRUE gluten free diet…

Improved athletic performance and resolution of anemia…

Migraine headaches, fatigue (sleeping 16 hours per day and still tired)…She was able to compete in a triathlon after changing her diet…

News Videos Featuring Patients Getting Better on a Gluten Free Diet…

Testimonies for those suffering with neurological diseases: MS (multiple sclerosis), migraine headache, schizophrenia, neuropathy, ataxia (dizzy spells), reflex sympathetic dystrophy (chronic pain), restless legs, insomnia, epilepsy, autism, ADD, ADHD, depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, tinnitus, and more…

“My son became a different person when when stated him gluten free and he did not test positive for celiac. He is genetically predisposed to it and had things such as skin rashes, constant throwing up, diarrhea and all kinds of the other things, like mood swings, ADHD, and possibly even Asperger’s Syndrome or some other mild form of Autism. At the time the doctors wanted to drug him for Bi-polar, ADHD and “Explosive Child Disorder”! Fortunately we decided that we would start with the diet because it runs in the family. It has been 4 years now, and this is the first year the school did not note concern with regards to his social development! I can’t even tell you how exciting that was. Trust me when I say we still have some other allergies to look into, but gluten free has been amazing for him. He now gets really sick when he eats it. (Even though the doctors say he doesn’t have it!)” – Sheri R.

I had headaches since 1965 and migraines since 1992 and gaining weight started in 1984 while very active in sports and all. The weight gain made no sense to family, friends and doctors I saw most of all it made no sense to me I changed nothing in my life. Thyroid problems were ruled out. After years of still gaining weight I was put on a small dose of thyroid, but it did nothing but make me gain more weight and give me a stomach aches. I didn’t eat junk food, I don’t think anyone believe me though. I had other health problems too, such as IBS etc… But today, I am happy to report after finding this site and going totally gluten free with no rice and corn included in my gluten free life style and I don’t have any more headaches, migraines, and other symptoms that I was experiencing. I now know that the gluten’s were causing my weight gain and so far I lost a little over thirty pounds, with no exercise included in losing the weight. I am very happy 🙂 and sharing my story with anyone that will listen. – Shelly

“My daughter has had chronic migraines for 1.5 yrs. She and I both had them for several years, but not chronic. Her entire life came to a halt and was not able to attend school. About 2 months ago she started displaying some of the symptoms of celiac disease. I removed the 3 basic allergic component: gluten, dairy and sugars. I stared to see a difference within 3 weeks. It is so upsetting that the medical community is not up to speed in suggesting basic dietary information, instead she was being bombarded with medication after medication and nothing worked. I decided to go holistic and target the diet. I am so glad I followed my instincts.” – Ana D.

“It got rid of my daily migrains and myofascial pain. Despite the inconvience, you won’t see me eating gluten.” – Kathy Z.

“Was diagnosed with MS after many, many years of strange symptoms. When the diagnosis finally came I had to choose… I take the drugs? I decided to wait and see and try some dietary changes. After much reading I decided to go gluten free. Well, this is the answer to my nearly life long problems. My MS symptoms are resolved and I feel wonderful! The only lasting issue is some numbness….lesions on the brain due the damage caused by years of gluten issues. Had my doctors recommended I go gluten free years ago I would have full feeling in all my extremeties. It’s hard not to hold a grudge, I mean these people who people worship should be able to give health and dietary advice not just write prescriptions. Well, now I know why I would always feel so much better when I would go on the Atkins diet!” – Joni

“I have only had to become GF three years ago…I no longer have winter depression and remember wondering if I was insane for most of my self aware life…wild mood swings…manias that began with me feeling like anything was possible and ending with near suicidal thoughts of the futility of everything…” – Don H.

“I believe it. I do not have schizophrenia, but I have another auto-immune disease, MS. I have noticed a general sense of well being when on the Atkins diet, which is free from gluten.” – Jenn M.

“For many many years I suffered from horrible depression. My good 😉 doctor prescribed various drugs including SSRI’s. They would work for a while and then stop, so they would prescribe newer SSRIs. Of course those drug also have horrible side effects. After doing a great deal of reading on diet and disease I went gluten free. Today, I am without depression and take NO pharmaceutical medications. Gluten is poison for many of us.” – Jone F.

“How true. My son has a severe speech delay, Apraxia diagnosed at 18 mo. We found out when he was 3 he was allergic to Wheat/gluten, whey, soy, rye, barley, spelt, eggs, peanuts. As soon as we got him off gluten we saw an immediate increase in expressive language and articulation. Crazy! We have been GF free for 2 years and are sticking with it although we have reintroduced eggs, some dairy. He is doing great now. Thank god we got him tested.” – Shelly D.

” If I eat wheat.. it alters my mood drastically.. I go from being nice and turn in to a very angry woman very quickly.. Wheat to me IS poison.” – Betsy B.

“I take Tri-Vita sublingual tablets to get my B12 every day. I don’t sell it, I’m just a mom that now doesn’t have to take naps every day. If I skip a day or two, I definitely feel it. One woman I know said it literally saved her marriage. She was stressed and depressed and didn’t even know it. It’s definitely a mood lifter, especially when combined with 100% gluten free living.” – Robin M.

“I get crazy very confused if i eat gluten, I also get constipated adn gain weight, but more than anything I get nuts. My grandmother suffered from Bipolar I think she just had celiac, my uncles also react this way, as does my 4 year old. My other daughter just gets rashes, sleep apnea and losses weight, much like the common symptoms, my mother reacts physically too like my 6 year old. Mental reactions are fast and very real! But once you are off wheat/gluten you are sane and life is very understandable.” – Antiqua L.

“Dr. Osborne, I’d like to thank you for going against the grain (pun intended) and publishing your posts about gluten sensitivity and Celiac Disease. I am the Mother of a very bright 6 year old boy who could be the poster child for the Celiac Sprue Association. It took me countless hours of research and 4 years to find the true cause of my sons illness. I started to figure out that my son had an issue with gluten and begged his Pediatrician to test him for Celiac Sprue. He was 2 1/2 years old at the time, but she refused saying that the disease was too rare (I left the practice that day). I then took matters into my own hands, removing all gluten from our diet and our home. Genetic testing confirmed that my son, my husband and myself indeed had Celiac Disease.

Continued exposure to gluten outside of our home (preschool) led to my sons Adrenal Fatigue; Cortisol levels, etc. were off the charts, and he stopped sleeping. My sons skin was still rashy, although I had removed gluten and casein from his diet….I knew I was missing something. Our Dr. recommended we take our son in for Brain Scans, and in October of 2009 it was confirmed that he had sustained damage to the Cerebellum due to Gluten Ataxia. I was finally able to see the damage that gluten could do, and it is scary. Thankfully, that was the only area of his brain that was damaged.


In January I finally found a Endocrinologist who was willing to take my sons case. The first thing this Dr. said was that I needed to remove all grains from our sons diet. I had made a horrible mistake by removing gluten containing grains, but baked all of our homemade treats with Buckwheat, Quinoa, Teff, Amaranth, and Millet. I immediately removed those grains, and we are seeing a dramatic improvement in our sons demeanor. Hopefully the testing at the end of February will show improved adrenal function. His skin is less rashy and he is more focused since we have gone grain free.

Thankfully we live in the Country so it is easier for us to eat an all organic/Non-GMO diet. If it doesn’t rot we don’t eat it! We adhere to the Weston A. Price cooking strategies and have no processed food in our home. It is time consuming but well worth it!

It seems to be a never ending battle, but time and patience will prevail. I am now homeschooling and working with my son to rebuild the synapses that were damaged by gluten. It is similar to working with a stroke patient, but day by day he is regaining his balance, and coordination.

I only wish that I knew then what I know now. I know there must be other children like my son, and it frightens me to think of what their lives will be if they continue to ingest gluten. I am grateful that you are publishing your posts, and my hope is that all Doctors will begin to recognize the signs of gluten sensitivity and understand the dangers of gluten. ” – Laura W.

“gluten affects the way we process B12 and B12 deficiencies can cause brain damage similar to schizophrenia…I’m 18 and I have heard that from my mom for the last 10 years of my life. That is the exact phrase she says. I too get extremely moody, when I eat gluten or dairy actually. It sends our bodies for a whirlwind.” – Emma M.

“I’ve been GF for a year, and most of my symptoms are gone.” – Kirsten A.

“My oldest child (nearly four) has a form of autism, and we’ve just started the gluten and casein free diet in the past week. She used to literally LIVE on milk and bread and cheese, and now she’s eating a wide variety of foods. She’s not always happy about it, but I think i t’s helping. I’ve decided to change the diet of our entire household, and I’ve noticed that I’m eating more frequently but eating better foods (more fruits and vegetables) as well as just feeling much much better. I used to need at least 2-3 cups of coffee to get through my day, and now I’m lucky if I finish one (so much for the pricey espresso machine, huh?).” – Tiffany J.

Thomas said it best… you have no idea what some of these foods are doing to your body until you eliminate them.

“my daughter has jra and has recently been diagnosed w anxiety/depression. I ve tried changing her to a glut/wheat free diet but for a 10 yr old it is hard. For me it has made a world of a difference. With my migraines and stomache problems.” – Hilary E.

“The gluten free diet really helps me and I have been diagnosed with celiac and sjögren’s syndrome. It took me 10 years to figure it out,but my doctor still does not believe it,but my neurologist does” – Julie L.

“I have COMPLETELY lost faith in all MDs. I won’t go to them anymore. Complained about strange symptoms for years only to have them send me away with prescriptions that didn’t help. Then came the horrific case of optic neuritis and the diagnosis of MS. It was like a vindication…” See? I told you I was sick!” Since I realized they didn’t know – – – -. I decided to read everything I could on MS and diet. When I went gluten free I got my health and my life back. My well educated doctors don’t have a clue. It’s shameful! What the heck are they teaching in medical schools anyway? ….my doctor doesn’t believe me either. But I am remarkably better. When I asked him how he could not believe the dramatic improvement in my health was due to going GF he simply said….”Well, I haven’t seen any double blind studies so your results are merely anecdotal.” Double blind studies? Who is going to do those double blind studies the pharmaceutical companies? I doubt it….the want to protect their chemicals from nasty healthy food! Certainly not the farmers who are poor and have to fight big agra at every turn.” – Jonette L.

“I was diagnosed with hashimotos disease years before I figured out I have issues with gluten. In my twenties I was diagnosed with irritable bowel…if only I knew then what I know now, I might have avoided the damage that resulted with thyroid disease. I have a son with major neurological damage due to gluten…though doctors will not acknowledge that this could have been what caused his health issues. The Cleveland Clinic and even the Mayo Clinic will not acknowledge that his muscle weakness/neurological damage could have been the result of many years of undiagnosed gluten sensitivity though they cannot find any other reason for his health issues.” – Esther F.

“I say if you think there is a possiblity that going GF will help the DO IT! It can’t hurt anything that is for sure! I did and WOW what a difference. The doc’s want me to go back on gluten to test me….ummm NO! I don’t need the test and I wouldn’t eat gluten again because of the damage it does to me.” – Jennifer O.


“I have MS. I eliminated all gluten from my diet and am remarkably better! Gluten is poison for me. I had to find out by reading lots of literature about MS. NO DOCTORS EVER TOLD ME! How am I expected to ever trust another a doctor ever again? Years and years of pain and misery all resolved by eliminating gluten from my diet!!!

And for people with MS that eliminate gluten….the improvement doesn’t happen over night….you must given it two full months. After the first month I was noticing less bad days but after two full months I couldn’t remember having a bad day in weeks.” – J.F. LaPalomento

“After ruling out MS, I eventually went GF with the advise of my chiropractor and have been neuropathy free for the entire year I’ve been GF. Nerve pain was the first manifistaton of my celiac disease and had gone on for years. This was one of a multitude of manifestions.” – K. Antony

“My skin was so sensitive to touch my own husband couldnt touch me. talk about romance killer. Gluten-free my skin is finally normal and I can hug my kids, put clothes on etc without wincing in pain. I disagree with the age of 50 in the article though. I’m not even 30 and had this happening since childhood.” – Lara S.

It got rid of my daily migraines and myofascial pain. Despite the inconvience, you won’t see me eating gluten.” – Kathy Z.

“I figured out I was sensitive to gluten while I was trying to find something that would relieve the pain of my neuropathy. Going GF has given me great relief from this pain and many other health problems. I am now grain free and doing even better.” – Anne L.

“I have had two MRI’s suggesting that I have MS. I found out about Gluten at the same time and cut it out of my life. I had immediate changes and more later on. I have not gone back for the spinal tap. Not all my symptoms are gone but they are MUCH better. I can function now. Interesting that they are linking Gluten with Neurological problems. My neurologist at the time thought I was crazy!” – J. O’Neil

“I have been GF for the last year… I love it. I was in so much pain before. All I have to do is think of the pain, and I don’t find it hard at all. I hope for those of you who find it hard, know that you are not alone.” – Martha M.

“i’ve been gluten free for 3 years and LOVE it it has made aware of so much more than just giving up gluten…it gave me a whole new healthier lifestyle!! i was SOO sick until diagnosed..i actually thought my hubby was poisoning me!! when u get sick what do u do? he would make me chicken noodle soup with crackers, toast and grilled cheeses ect and i’d get sicker i was sure he was poisoning me i was so ignorant to the diease my dad has had it for 30 years and it never crossed my mind that it might be the same as my dad when now educated we know it’s genetic but once diagnosed i went all the way healthy foods! i’m not glad i got it but it has made me a healthy eater and careful about everything not just gluten…” – Patty F.

Testimonies from those suffering with skin conditions: rashes, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis herpetiformis (DH), vitiligo, and more…

Testimonies from those suffering with liver, gall bladder, and pancreatic disease…

“I have rheumatoid arthritis and always had a problem with a elevated liver enzyme reading, but within a few months of eating GF, my liver #’s were within the normal range. Yea!” – Marianne Lohrman










“Gallbladder removed at 27 I have been tested for celiac disease 9 times by 4 different docs. Labs and biopsy were always negative. I went gluten free for two months becasue of hashimotos, had nothing to eat one day and had deli lunch meat and processed cheese, my liver enzymes within two days were elevated and I was sick. I am not a drinker nor do I have any other liver disease. There were no stones in the bladder it was sludge and my gallbladder had almost ruptured four times.” -Victoria J.






Testimonies from those suffering with gastrointestinal symptoms: IBS (irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, reflux, diarrhea, constipation, celiac disease, crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, and more…

“my 8 year old daughter Vivian and 6 year old son Corbin have been very ill for quite some time. Vivian complained of abdominal stomach pain on a daily…. er… hourly basis. Nothing would help. No medicines, nothing. She cried herself to sleep every single night and woke up crying that her stomach hurt…. while I sat by her side and cried with her because there was nothing I could do to help her. Corbin suffered from reflux horribly. Poor baby was dependant on medicines to keep his food down.

We went to doctor after doctor after doctor. We visited specialists in Houston. More than once. They both endured procedures they shouldn’t have to…. and the side effects of more than one medicine that, in the end, didn’t work. Finally, MOM had enough. Enough of the doctors who really wanted to, but couldn’t, help. Enough of the doctors who felt they knew more about what was going on than I do (after all, I’m only a MOM). And enough of my children crying themselves to sleep at night and finally refusing to take medicine because it didn’t work anyway.

I started researching the Internet for any information I could about my kids symptoms. I stumbled upon a condition called Celiac disease. The symptoms were eerily familiar. So I decided to dig further. The “cure” for celiac disease is a Gluten Free diet. Wow. Have you ever looked into a gluten free diet? Just about everything packaged has gluten in it. Cakes, cookies, bread, rolls, cereal…. everything I LOVE.

For the next week I dove into my research of a Gluten Free diet and celiac disease. I had another appointment with a specialist in Houston and arrived armed with information. Do you know what this specialist told me?

“I would like to put your kids on a medicine that causes their stomach to empty faster, another reflux medicine, a medicine to counter-act the side effects of the first medicine, another medicine to counter act the side effects of the second medicine, and a stool softener because all of these medicines combined will cause them to be constipated.”

Please forgive my crudeness here when I say… WHAT THE CRAP?!? I don’t think so. FIVE medicines?!? No. Thank. You. Mom had other plans. We tried a Gluten Free Diet. You know what? Within 24 hours, BOTH of my children were pain-free and medicine-free. We have been on the diet as an entire family for nearly 3 weeks…. the difference is amazing. They are both learning so much about the diet and are very careful not to eat gluten containing items. Vivian cheated at school one day and paid for it with intense abdominal pain for 24 hours after. She said she’d never do that again!”Courtney

Testimonies for pets: Dogs, Cats, etc…

“My Cairn Terrier almost died from gluten 2 yrs ago. She started having neurological problems. She was losing muscle and having difficulty walking more than a few steps. When she drank water she would choke and would urinate in her sleep. I took her off grains and within 3 days I knew I was on the right track. As she healed, she gained back her muscle strength. She no longer chokes on water and does not urinate in her sleep. She still cannot jump as high as she use to, but she is a happy dog and able to run, play and bark again.” – Anne L.

“We have a very expensive English bulldog whom are known for health problems!!! Our boy has been grain free from birth and is healthy as a horse!!! Your dogs diet makes just as big as an impact on them as yours…” – Cassie S.

“Our yorkie is allergic to wheat and peanuts so she follows a gluten free diet.” – Penny H.

“I have a mastiff and bless her heart, if she does not have just the right food, the paint is peeling off the walls….Anne, my heart goes out to you and your companion for the struggles you both had to endure.” – Heather M.

“This is so funny! My dog gets sick when she eats gluten foods and there is Irish Setter in her line!” – Julie K.

“my dog can’t have any grains, we always laugh that of course our dog would have celiac and more. If you think about it, like people, ancient dogs/wolves didn’t eat grains.” – Sarah O.

“We have a Wheaten Terrier ALSO KNOWN for big problems with gluten sensitivity. The breeder suggested a diet free of corn, soy, wheat from the get go…but it was funny we didn’t already know this about the breed since we’d been gluten free in our home already for five years! Grain free diets have also been used successfully for treating epilepsy in dogs. Google ” DogtorJ”… John Symes, DVM.” – Cara C.

“I had to remove grains from my German Shepherd when she was a puppy due to illness! I think this is a very common problem in our dogs. My Maltese mixed improved (allergy-wise) after removal of grains from his diet.” – Irene C.

“recently I gave my chocolate labrador a “treat,” and that evening we had to make a trip to the doggie ER. She had hives, and her eyes were nearly swollen shut. I looked, and the treats had lots of chemicals, AND things a gluten-intolerant person could not eat.” – Debra B.

“we had a german shepherd who couldn’t tolerate any grains – so we put him and all of them on a raw meat diet, which cleared up all his skin issues within a few months. Our remaining dogs are still on a grain-free diet and do very well on it. Someday I’d love to go back to raw food – they were happier and I think they were probably healthier!” – Christina W.

“Chinese Shar Pei are also known to have considerable problems with gluten” – Miranda J.

“I took my cat off grain containing food years ago. He’s so much healthier now! He’s 17 years old and has issues but I blame it on his prior diet.” – Nancy M.

“Dogs, like people, are Carnivores. When you remove the meat/protein from most dog foods all you are left with is unnatural, man-raised food sources (wheat, barley, corn, oats). Dogs would not consume these foods in the wild. There are plenty of grain free dog foods on the market today providing dogs (and cats) with the nutrition they need. All of our 4-legged family members have been grain free for 3 years, our Golden Retriever is 10 years old and is as frisky as a puppy. Our 17 year old Shiba Inu still amazes our vet. Our cat who had suffered from IBS suddenly had a full recovery when started on a gluten free diet. Gluten free isn’t just for humans, our pets can benefit too.” – Laura W.

“my shepherd/husky mix dog was always sick from the day we adopted him at two with bowel problems. When we all found out we were GF I thought this could be his problem too. I gave him lamb and rice food and he lived to the ripe old age of 17, almost unheard of for that breed.” – Jennifer S.

“my mastiff….definitely intolerant and has to be on a very special diet.” – Heather M.

Testimonies for Corn Gluten Elimination:

” Corn was the first grain I knew I could not tolerate . . .after I discovered corn caused a problem . . .I decided to go grain free. All my “illnesses” went away on the grain free diet. I had a lot of allergies, migraines, joint pains, fatigue, low thyroid not responding to medications, skin rashes, constipation, lots of sinus infections, respiratory infections, anxiety, depression and the list goes on! I have not had a sick appointment with a doctor in over five years – maybe longer! I take no medication other than my thyroid pill (Armour).” – Irene K.

“I read the article you posted about gluten and corn, my best friend has not had any success since she started the gluten free diet, but now, taking away corn as well, she had her very first night of sleep without the stomach pain! Thank you so much for the valuable information! It very well might have saved her life.” – Heidi S.

“When I went gluten free back in 07 I was doing well until I ate a mission corn tortilla. My hand swelled, the rashes returned and my ulnar neuropathy worsened. You suggested it might be the corn so I cut it out of my diet. Things really improved after the food allergy panel indicated a problem with 16 other foods. Still can’t eat beef, dairy, chocolate or cranberries – the pinky gets numb and I get a rash on my face.” – Debbie J.

” I knew it, everytime I ate corn chips or fritos or anything with corn or corn syrup I was in pain for days, I decided to eliminate everything processed, I have trouble digesting beef, I can’t eat anything with regular salt, garlic, diary, so many things just hurt, even many processed foods that are labelled gluten free!!” – Kat D.

“I gave up corn after my whole family gave up gluten and got better and I didn’t. I was limping, have mood swings, bleeding gums, menstrual problems, and more-all are now gone…” – Connie S.

” I am having to still read the labels of gluten free products as I seem to have problem with all cereals wheat oats, corn etc and diary the colic i get when eaten is horrendous but when I stick to omitting these from my diet my whole body health improves greatly, but if I forget to check labels and it goes wrong it takes days to get back.” – Karen P.

“My dad was gluten free for years. He found soy bothered him. Then he started saying if it had a lot of different “grains, seeds, nuts…” He thought that was what was making him sick. I was in the middle of starting a gluten free bakery, and thought I should learn what is new in the world of gluten free. We have been gluten free for so long, I wanted to know what people were saying and doing. So I purchased several books. One was “Breaking the Vicious Cycle,” I loaned it to him. With in a week, he called to say he would be going starch free. Sadly for once I have a large variety of great tasting convenient foods readily available, and now he can’t eat them! Happily for him, this has probably been the best year of his life!

We plan to remove all corn soon. I think it makes my son’s moods crazy. We have almost eliminated it but it is away from home, the soda and candy with “high fructose corn syrup” that he gets into that foil the complete elimination of corn. I plan to get him in the summer when I am totally in charge of his diet! I am really excited because we live with a different person just from going gluten free!” – Sheri R.

“”My 6 year old son has severe Celiac Disease. We started by taking him off of all wheat, barley, rye and oats 2 years ago. I knew that white and brown rice were not great as a nutritional substitute, so I started using Quinoa, Millet, Buckwheat, Teff, Corn, and Amaranth. My son did improve, but was still rashy and his Adrenal Glands were severely fatigued. We finally found an Endocrinologist willing to take my sons case, and the first thing he said was get him off of all grains immediately! He told me that even the “Ancient Grains” that I had substituted could contain enough gluten to make my son sick. 99% Gluten Free wasn’t good enough, so we made a commitment that day to go Grain Free. Since the first of the year (when we went grain free) we have seen a dramatic improvement. We just got the results today from blood work taken earlier this week that show a huge improvement across the board…our son is much better. Removing corn was not a huge deal for us, as it is something we didn’t eat often. Corn is very frequently Genetically Modified and we steer clear of all GMO’s. I have modified all of my old Gluten Free Recipes and am now using Almond Flour, and Coconut Flours for protein and fiber. For baking, Arrowroot Flour can be substituted for Corn Starch, and it works just fine. If anyone uses Confectioners Sugar you can make your own or purchase corn free confectioners sugar through health food stores or on-line.” – Laura B.

“one of the reasons I started eating paleo/primal and giving up all grains. I thought maybe I could sneak in a corn tortilla or so the other night with some mexican beef I made. I used sprouted corn tortillas, with no other grain ingredients. I woke up with the too familiar migraine the next morning and a few spots on my face (not acne, but just some weird inflammation type spots that eventually go away in a few hours). I also had the usual blister like spot on my scalp above my neck. These are all signs for me of gluten (or maybe just grain) poisoning. I think the only grain I don’t react to is white rice and I rarely eat that. I’m done with grains. It makes it easier in the long run to avoid gluten anyway.” – Jan R.

“No corn or grains for me anymore. Every time I think I can have a little bit to break up the dietary monotony, I regret it. I don’t have the same reaction as a gluten reaction, but I do feel bad afterwards, and coincidentally, get those same spots in my scalp above my neck.” – Nance B.

“I have been corn intolerant my entire life, before even knowing I had gluten intolerance.” – Nicola D.

“Been gluten free for one year, but having mysterious attacks that feel like gluten contamination but cannot be! Last week, stomach attack with vomiting after eating corn chips on a salad! Hmmm??” – Kathryn B.

“Mission totilla chips, while gluten free seem to destroy me. Corn Totillas may have the same effect. I’m trying to narrow it down.” – Cliff C.

“Popcorn throws my gut into fits for weeks, as does corn tortillas and chips, and I always wondered why. Guess it’s time to cut corn, too.” – Wendy Wilson

“I have instant migraines and digestive distress for days with corn!” – Jae Jones

“Corn tears me up something awful. Much worse than gluten in the symptomatic reaction. I knew this years before I knew I was gluten intolerant.” – Pamela P.

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  1. Monica says:

    Wow, interesting stuff. Corn has always bothered me too. Dr. Abram Hoffer helped my son and me with casein allergies after he was very ill as a little boy. The “allergy” doctor gave him the usual skin prick tests, then proceeded to remove his adenoid, then was going to remove his tonsils, etc. That was when I found Dr. Hoffer. We stopped taking cow’s milk products completely and he wasn’t sick again. However his behaviour has always been a severe problem….in prison, ADD, suicidal, overdoses, anger problems, depression. I’ve tried to get him off gluten but he refuses. I’ve heard that people are addicted to what they’re allergic to. I totally agree with that. Alcohol addictions in our family too. I’m slowly becoming gluten free. I’m feeling better than I used to (also casein free for many years). However I still suffer from severe depression and anxiety as both my kids do. Lots more work to do. I really appreciate all the work people have gone to because doctors don’t have a clue about nutrition. It’s all about pushing big pharma.

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