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Gluten can make things a little fuzzy!

If you missed the 2011 Charlotte Gluten Free Expo this past weekend, you missed out big time! More than 1000 people attended the event. Dr. Fasano and myself (Dr. Osborne) both presented new and exciting and up to date information on the spectrum of gluten sensitivity and related diseases. One of the topics that came […]

Gluten a Cause of Bipolar Disease?

Another new study finds that Bipolar patients have elevated levels of antibodies to gluten. Unlike several past studies, this research does not focus on celiac disease, but rather identifies that patients with psychiatric bipolar issues are have elevations in IgG to gliadin. Source: Bipolar Disord. 2011 Feb;13(1):52-8. Research continues to show the link between gluten […]

Gluten Protein Alters Brain Prolactin

The following research study demonstrates one of the brain altering effects of gluten. In this case, a compound in gluten acts as an opioid chemical that leads to the excessive excretion of the neuro hormone, Prolactin. Gluten exorphin B5 (GE-B5) is a food-derived opioid peptide identified in digests of wheat gluten. We have recently shown […]

Gluten Free Diet Changes Behavior

Research continues to link gluten sensitivity to behavioral disorders… Coeliac disease in adolescents has been associated with an increased prevalence of depressive and disruptive behavioural disorders, particularly in the phase before diet treatment. In this study, gluten sensitivity in adolescents was discovered to be associated with elevated prolactin and diminished serotonin levels. A gluten free […]