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Mrs. United States, Shannon Ford, Eats Gluten Free

[wlm_firstname], Thank you for supporting Gluten Free Society. Here is an exclusive one on one interview with Mrs. United States, Shannon Ford… Gluten Free Society Member Bonus Interview! Mrs. United States, Shannon Ford, talks one on one with Dr. Osborne of the Gluten Free Society about gluten free diets and healthy lifestyle… Member Bonus Discount […]

Do You Have a 5th Mountain to Climb?

Every so often a challenge comes your way that helps to forge your character, mold your being, and challenge your “status quo”… I typically don’t post articles like this one, so I hope it doesn’t repel you too much. That being said, I think that this topic is very fitting to the gluten free community. […]

Tennis Success Fueled By the Gluten Free Lifestyle

Recently, gluten sensitivity has been a hot topic in the tennis world. Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic gives credit to the gluten free diet as playing a major role in his winning streak. He was tested for the problem by his nutritionist in 2010. Since making the diet change, he has taken his game to […]

Gluten Free Diet Relieves This Athlete’s Fatigue

Improved Athletic Performance on a Gluten Free Diet? Going gluten free for this young athlete accelerated his muscle growth, recovery, and focus… Many Athletes are Improving Performance With Gluten Free Diets Recently and most notably tennis champion, Novak Djokovic, credits his diet change to his recent success. In my clinical and personal training experience, removing […]