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The goal of this page is to provide you with easy to use links to help generate more sales.  Below, you will find articles, pictures, blog posts, and videos by category.  If you would like a custom landing page created for your list, just email us at [email protected]

How Your Affiliate Links Work

Below is an example of an affiliate link.  You would just need to replace xxxx with your affiliate code ID.

You can Start Sending Traffic to Gluten Free Society Immediately Using the Popular Pages Below:

To send affiliate traffic to a specific page at we have set up the following special hop links for you.

Please select from the list of direct links below to send you affiliate traffic to a specific page at  Please replace the XXXX in the codes below with your  Affiliate ID and then copy and paste the link code into your web site, facebook post, etc  to send people directly to the specific pages listed below.

Products That Earn You a Commission:

  1. Gluten Free Health Matrix Membership Sales Page –
  2. Genetic Testing for Gluten Sensitivity Sales Page –
  3. Glutenology CookBook  Sales Page –
  4. Gluten Free Year in Review 2010 –
  5. 7 Habbits of a Gluten Free Warrior –
  6. Gluten Free Supplements Page –

 Most Popular Informational Posts

The pages below are designed to give your subscribers good information and create good will with them.  Using these pages to send visitors to Gluten Free Society works better than trying to sell products directly, because these posts educate potential customers so that they better understand the benefits of the products you are promoting with us.  All of these pages are set up to get your referred visitors to subscribe to Gluten Free Society’s free newsletter.  Once they subscribe, our system will always recognize them as your referral…

  1.  Gluten Free Food Terms (page lists terms for gluten) –
  2. Gluten Intolerance Quiz –
  3. Corn Gluten and Terms for Hidden corn –
  4. Thyroid disease and gluten –
  5. Asthma and gluten –
  6. Joint Pain and Gluten –
  7. Vitamin Deficiency and Gluten –
  8. Autoimmune Spectrum and Gluten –
  9. High Cholesterol and Gluten –
  10. Schizophrenia and Gluten –
  11. Gluten in Medications –
  12. Gluten and Bone Loss –
  13. Drug Causes Celiac Disease –
  14. Gluten and Vitamin Deficiencies –

Email Capture Pages

The following pages are designed for you to send your traffic to us so that we can have them opt-in to our mailing list.  If they opt-in through your link, you will get life time referrals every time they buy from us!

  1. Main Squeeze Page –
  2. Home Page –

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